Paul Matsushima

When I’m in J-Town

Written by Paul Matsushima, Sophie Wang, and Craig Ishii (unpublished).
Illustrations by Jing Zheng.

Client: Kizuna
Final Deliverable: 56-Page Children’s Book
Services Provided: Co-Author, Project Lead, Artistic Co-Director
Dates: 2018

About the Book

A Story about the Importance of Place

Join little Shiro as he visits his favorite place in the whole wide world: J-Town (or Japantown)! Every visit is a memory for the ages, and this one is no different. From a belly full of yummy manju, some learning at the Japanese American museum, stories from his obachan an ogichan, to some ondo dancing at the obon festival, little Shiro remembers why J-Town is such an important landmark in his life and for his community.

Check Out the Rough Drafts

While this book remains unpublished, you can take a peek inside.

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