Paul Matsushima

Thank You Very Mochi

Written by Paul Matsushima, Sophie Wang, & Craig Ishii. Illustrations by Jing Zheng. © 2016.

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Client: Kizuna
Final Deliverable: 44-Page Children’s Book
Services Provided: Lead Author, Project Lead, Artistic Co-Director
Dates: January 2016

About the Book

A Story of Culture, Tradition, and Family

When Kimi and her family visit Grandma and Grandpa’s house for New Year’s mochitsuki, they discover the mochi-machine is broken. After initial fears that mochitsuki will be canceled, Grandpa proposes an interesting, yet old-fashioned solution of making mochi the hand-pounded way.

Full of tradition and culture, this imaginative children’s book will “pound” into children’s hearts the importance of family relationships and cultural traditions. Thank You Very Mochi, Kizuna’s first (but not last!) publication, is sure to be a meaningful treat for the entire family.

A Peek Inside

Take a peek inside the book and follow Kimi as she visits her family mochitsuki. Click any of the images to enlarge.

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Additional Resources about Thank You Very Mochi and Mochitsuki

Click the links below to view some book readings of Thank You Very Mochi more about the tradition of mochitsuki, and more!

Merry Mochi Makers

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