Paul Matsushima


Work Management System

Creator, Developer. ©2020 Fuller Graduate Schools. Built on, this is a presentation of a project and work management setup for 8+ team members.

Kizuna’s Summer Camp

Director, Chief Content Creator. © 2012 Kizuna. Developed for the nonprofit organization Kizuna, Summer Camp is a program for students entering 2nd to 8th grade, centered on building a foundation of Japanese American culture & heritage.

Budgeting System

Creator, Budget Manager. ©2019 Fuller Graduate Schools. Built on, this ledger has various views pre-built for financial reports, including Income Statement (P&L Report), Balance Sheet (shows cash on hand), and monthly expense reports.

Gaining Margin to Give Back: An Interview with Stephanie Smith

Author. ©2020 De Pree Center. Margin – or the idea of having the room, the capacity, the flexibility to be, and do what you desire and feel called to – was the theme of this phase of Stephanie’s life, especially as she envisioned her ideal retirement years.

Finding Courage as an Artist: An Interview with Roxanne Fulkerson

Author. ©2020 De Pree Center. The union of Roxanne’s calling with her interests and talents didn’t begin to materialize until she turned 57.

JA Cranium

Author. ©2020 Yo! Magazine. Test out your knowledge of the Japanese American community with this unique take on the beloved game Cranium.

CRM Database for Small Organizations

Creator, Project Lead. ©2019 Fuller Graduate Schools. Built on, this CRM is great for small organizations (especially nonprofits).

Just Getting Started: Nada Jones’s Story

Author. ©2019 De Pree Center. Nada’s calling didn’t happen right away but through a lifetime of exploration, introspection, personal development, and struggle.

Bringing Hope and Healing to a Broken World: Jason Chu’s Story

Author. ©2019 De Pree Center. Jason is a Chinese American rapper with the mission to "bring hope and healing to a broken world."

A Lifestyle of Work-Life Balance: Sarah Magidoff’s Story

Author. ©2018 De Pree Center. Sarah has a calling towards a lifestyle of work-life balance.

Myths of Vocation, Volume 3

Lead Author, Project Manager. ©2018 De Pree Center. Many of us carry around a set of dysfunctional beliefs about what work and calling are supposed to look like.

The Struggles of Discussing Race in the Asian American Church

Author. ©2018 Inheritance Magazine. My reflections on why it's difficult to talk about race in the Asian American evangelical church.

When I’m in J-Town

Co-Author, Project Lead, Artistic Co-Director. Unpublished (2018). Join little Shiro as he visits his favorite place in the whole wide world: J-Town (or Japantown)!

Merry Mochi Makers

Republished from Rafu Shimpo. The children’s book “Thank You Very Mochi,” is a tribute to those family gatherings and offers important lessons learned through their youth training workshops.

Silence: Echoing through the Generations of Japanese Americans

Author. ©2016 Inheritance Magazine. The church must not continue this culture of silence, as it has deep and wide-lasting ripples.

Thank You Very Mochi

Lead Author, Project Lead, Artistic Co-Director. ©2016 Kizuna. Full of tradition and culture, this imaginative children’s book will “pound” into children’s hearts the importance of family relationships and cultural traditions.

Finding Common Ground: Reflections on Discussing Politics at Church

Author. ©2015 Inheritance Magazine. We were simply concerned about the increasing polarization of opinions in American politics and how to have constructive dialogue in the church context.