Paul Matsushima

Work Management System

Creator, Developer. ©2020 Fuller Graduate Schools. Built on, this is a presentation of a project and work management setup for 8+ team members.

Kizuna’s Summer Camp

Director, Chief Content Creator. © 2012 Kizuna. Developed for the nonprofit organization Kizuna, Summer Camp is a program for students entering 2nd to 8th grade, centered on building a foundation of Japanese American culture & heritage.

Budgeting System

Creator, Budget Manager. ©2019 Fuller Graduate Schools. Built on, this ledger has various views pre-built for financial reports, including Income Statement (P&L Report), Balance Sheet (shows cash on hand), and monthly expense reports.

JA Cranium

Author. ©2020 Yo! Magazine. Test out your knowledge of the Japanese American community with this unique take on the beloved game Cranium.